What works in SEO in 2020?

What works in SEO in 2020

In 2020, the number of bloggers and Digital marketers is increased by 70% as compared to 2016. This is the reason that people are confused about SEO. Because even if billions of google searches have been done on google, It’s still not possible to grab the first position with the same method that everyone is following. Many bloggers even Digital Marketers are struggling to rank their posts on google. Competition is huge, but it’s not like things are not working. I did my research about What works in SEO in 2020? I found some things that working for me, So here are some things that might help you to rank your posts and articles.

CSB Method.


Content: Give them more than just Solving Problems.

Content is king, right? It’s all about that article which has thing people wants to know. I’m not going to talk about how it should be. Or how to write an SEO Optimised content. We all are aware of it. So Let’s focus on this, “Giving them more than just Solving Problems.”

Why It happens? Even there are thousands of bloggers publishing their content. Few of them are getting 98% of traffic. Why? Because those blogs are relating to the people, bloggers like you & me. We are still finding solutions. How many of the solutions that we found on niches are useful? your answer is “0” Because It doesn’t matter that wheater It helping us or not in the case of SEO. But it’s making us believe that it will solve that issue of ranking our post to google.

While writing the article, We try to make it high quality but is it enough? Maybe it is solving the problems of users. The purpose of the content must not be only fulfilling their needs but giving them extra things that they will find convenient. The reason that readers will get connected to you is that they must trust you that you might had that something that they don’t. So Always keep your content that readers find at least one point that will make them think “We must try this”.

Social Signals: Plays Major Role

Social Media sites is a huge base of the crowd. People Shares things that they find useful. I said it plays a major role. Because of trust that make others to trust your content. Social media builds a trust flow for your content. When it gets shared on those platforms it gives social signals to search engines that it has some potential that people are getting concerning it.

Signals that counted towards your blog, make google convince that this article is the answer to this topic. What are we trying to make google? Google will consider it and here chances of getting it ranked become high.

Backlinks: Bones of the pages.

One thing that needs to be cared about in backlinks is that quality is important than quantity. Many digital markers say that they are getting results after making 1000 backlinks. Maybe they got but it also depends on the competition that they were in to with. Goal your setting for your blog post is if only ranking on the first position. You are doing that common mistake that every new blogger does. f you want to be in the first position. You should  make your blog bones i.e backlinks strong.

So what do I mean by making strong backlinks?

Strong backlinks are the backlinks that have maximum DA Domain Authority, PA Page Authority, TF Trust Flow. These are the plus points of every backlink. Negative points like SS Scam Score also have to be maintained below 3%. You can get backlinks through writing an article for other blogs which has similar niches. People call it guest posting as we all know guest posting is the main source of getting high-quality backlinks. But it doesn’t matter what you deal with those bloggers you can pay them or either deal differently.

Your link to that article once gets crawled by the bots of Google or another search engine. You get the backlink from the website. A combination of all these three things about any article can easily push it above in the google index. The problem you may face with getting your links indexed can be solved with webmaster tools. You can track and check you’re linked getting indexed or not.

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