Social Media Marketing

Showing ads where people are more active rather than being there in google searches is quite different. But you have to be there where you competitors are.

Social Media Marketing

Social Networking sites & apps like Facebook & Instagram are the best places to advertise your business. As you see the data of these websites and apps, you can’t ignore social media for advertising. It has a huge impact on engaging users to your products and business.

Here Are Some Top Social Media Sites Users statistics.

social media marketing


Worlds top social media marketing site facebook has 2.23 billion (1.25 billion active) registered users. I mean no doubt Facebook is the biggest social media site. Facebook has 65 million active businesses advertisers who are using Facebook Pages for promoting their products business on Facebook.

Facebook for ads


Insta is the second most used social network. Which is also owned by facebook. It has 1 billion MAUs. Instagram has largest celebrity user base. More than two million active advertisers are using instagram monthly. 


Here are some more Social media platforms aand their monthly active users. 

YouTube – 1.9 billion 

WhatsApp – 1.5 billion

Messenger – 1.3 billion

WeChat – 1.06 billion

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