10 Mistakes newbie bloggers should avoid

Every blogger once started as a newbie, having no idea about how things work and how we gonna deal with it. We just see people making millions from blogging. Many of them have made this their full-time profession. Rather than thinking much about we decide why not to try. And yes why not. But hey. Before you start and do the same mistake that every blogger does will waste your time. Although it will shape your skills, knowing those mistakes which you should avoid will surely save your time and effort.
So here are the top 10 mistakes that newbie bloggers should Avoid…

Choosing the wrong Niche or topics.


It is like doing different things than your skills. Blogging is as simple as exploring your skills and knowledge to the people who are seeking that. If you just assume that you will write something and millions of traffic will visit your blog. Then you are simply wasting your time. What you need is something that can no one teach the world better than you. Choose a topic that you always had a passion for enjoying.
If you are serious about your blogging as a career, the niche you are choosing must be close enough to your knowledge. Choose a niche that you can explore more familiarly. For example, if you are interested in sports. Don’t be confused while choosing the sport you are perfect in. Don’t think that this will get the desired traffic you want or not. Believe me. As a new blogger, the thing you have to understand first is going easy and getting experience of how actually SEO works.


Getting obsessed with others’ success.


While working with SEO, You need patience a lot more than in any profession. Because of the things you are working on now, you can’t predict that when and how long it will give you benefits. So whenever you see any success story of others doesn’t lose your focus on your work. Believe and remember why you choose this topic and keep working on it.
Many of us Including me, Everyone does this mistake. We see blogs ranked in the first position on keywords which has millions of traffic. And we start working on the same content. But wait are we ready to compete with them? With a basic or even with advanced knowledge of SEO. We cant beat any of the blogs which already ranked on the top. It needs a lot of things to do even before creating better content than them. DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), TF (Trust Flow) All these factors which affect your ranking also matters.


UnderEstamating SEO


Blogging is all about SEO. If you want to succeed as a blogger you must have to know about Search Engine Optimization. Newbie bloggers just go with quality rather than quality. Not every thousand or more words of content will rank you first on google or neither get you a good amount of traffic. Until you make a proper SEO optimized content with related keywords. This is why SEO plays an important role in your blogging career. The same topic or niche which has similar content. What things are included in search engine algorithms? These things can just be experienced with practice.
Every minute of every day 40,000+ people are searching for something on google. SEO is all about getting the first position on these searches so that you can grab that traffic to your blog. Even if you are having basic skills like keyword research, making quality backlinks, etc. You can start working on pretty good content and the experience you will get with the competition will lead your career towards success.


Not monetizing the blog.


The final goal of blogs is to make money. Yes, it is but how. There are many ways to earn money from your blog. You can use for affiliate marketing, promoting your products or services but the most common way of making money through blogs is monetizing it with a good ad network. The purpose of a blog can be entertainment or passion or something else. But if you are willing to make money from it you have to monetize it with ads. Monetization is nothing but placing ads on your blog so that when the people come to your blog they will see those ads. So basically you are doing a job for the advertising network to expand their network and they will pay you for it.

Adsense :

As we all know AdSense is the best ads network in the industry. But the procedure to get AdSense approval is difficult. Difficult but not impossible. Adsense has made changes in their policies. But people are still getting approved. There are some things that have to be taken care of to get AdSense approval.


Creating poor content.


In my 6 years of blogging career, I see out of people who start blogging 90% fail because of many reasons. But what the most common reason is they don’t get the desired success. So why this happens is only because they are not doing it seriously. They are just trying out that it will work somehow. So friends it’s just not going to work. The thing you have to understand is that the internet community already has thousands of bloggers who are already giving their best. Thousands of best-quality content are being uploaded to the internet every hour.
That’s why you have to give the best you can. Make it a habit that whatever you are publishing must the best in that niche. Don’t be in hurry like just publishing and waiting for people to come to your website. Irrirative information than the topic will play the role of spamming. Do proper research about that topic, find the best possible keywords. And then make the content.


Using Google Images.


Well, this might be a controversial reason that some of you won’t agree with me but, as many of you are getting the results from it. But I tried both using images from google ( of course I give credits to the blog from where I copied images) But here you have to be a little creative about making your images. This doesn’t need any professional skills to make images. Basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator will help you to create your images or infographics for your blog.
When you create your images. Things will work differently in your favor. Like the originals genuine images that you are donating to the world wide web. People will use it for their blog and like this, you will get backlinks and it will give you SEO benefits and a lot more.


Being Dependant on social media.


Social traffic gives positive signals to google or bing or any search engine. But consistently sharing your link on social media platforms will either get you blocked. Or this traffic will count as spam or self-generated traffic. So be careful that the traffic you are getting from social media is genuine or not. By creating a page of the same niche and sharing once or twice a day is the safe way to do it for brand awareness but you must not do it more than this.
Adding social share buttons to blog is also a safe way of getting benefits from social media. If People like they can use it to share your content to their profiles.


Making Low-Quality Backlinks.


As I said blogging is all about SEO. But SEO is not all about backlinks. Backlink plays a major role in your SEO but the quality of that backlink also important. Some new bloggers does the mistake of making low-quality backlinks by commenting on their links in irrelevant blogs and niches. Blogs that las lower DA PA TF. Those are not beneficial for their blogs.
While creating backlinks there is no compulsion of making an anchor of ahref. You can simply post the link in articles. Search engines even like them more than anchors. There are many things that you will get to know while working on it but the point I want to tell you here that making one quality backlink is much better than 10 low-quality backlinks.

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